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URGENT!!!!!! Are my answers logical?

Question asked by Majd Al Mohtar on Jan 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2018 by M. D.

I have a wall made of plastic blocks mounted on top of each other, and mounted on top of a rail fixed to the ground. The figure below demonstrates my study.



First, my goal is to apply a linear motor on the middle block to see motor force breaks the wall. The blocks are made of plastic and the rail of alloy steel. I wanted to set contact between the parts, so to obtain the contact stiffness between the blocks I applied different values of a force, and fount the contact force between two blocks and then the contact displacement. I generated a plot and the slope of the straight line was counted as the stiffness. The stiffness between the blocks was found to be 10000N/mm and the stiffness between the steel and the plastic was 10^6 N/mm. The exponent of the plot was 1. This gave a high force to drop the wall, about 20000N. The wall is made of plastic and mounted on the fixed steel rail, is this logical?