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Suggestion for Post About Forum Etiquette and Proper Form

Discussion created by Elmar Klammer on Jan 16, 2018
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EDITED by Jim Wilkinson: I branched this from the initial FAQ discussion since it is not directly related.


Hi Jim,


I think it would help if SW would add a post about etiquette and proper form. Since common courtesy is not hereditary I would suggest that SW shows initiative. I am talking about a basic form. Something like a Greeting addressed to person being addressed and Thank you at the end following the Name of person posting. With some sort of help for users to understand that language matters and that proper form has a purpose. I would think this can be done without rolling out a rule book. But maybe it could be implemented into the discussion template. Everyone appreciates a hello and a thank you. Whether it is manually typed or auto-populated. The outcome is the same.


I hope SW can embrace this idea.