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    Suggestion for Post About Forum Etiquette and Proper Form

    Elmar Klammer

      EDITED by Jim Wilkinson: I branched this from the initial FAQ discussion since it is not directly related.


      Hi Jim,


      I think it would help if SW would add a post about etiquette and proper form. Since common courtesy is not hereditary I would suggest that SW shows initiative. I am talking about a basic form. Something like a Greeting addressed to person being addressed and Thank you at the end following the Name of person posting. With some sort of help for users to understand that language matters and that proper form has a purpose. I would think this can be done without rolling out a rule book. But maybe it could be implemented into the discussion template. Everyone appreciates a hello and a thank you. Whether it is manually typed or auto-populated. The outcome is the same.


      I hope SW can embrace this idea.





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          Jim Wilkinson

          Hi Elmar,


          I don't disagree since I follow those rules myself. Unfortunately, I don't believe there is any templating functionality in the forum that would allow us to do that. So it may need to go into a page like this one:

          How To: Create a Discussion

          Which you get to by going to the Getting Started button on the forum home page, then clicking How To: Participate in the community and it is linked on that page.


          The problem is trying to find a way to present all of this information that a new user needs to know in a way that is digestible and that users will read. Most of it is already there under Getting Started, but as I mentioned in another post reply elsewhere, obviously the Getting Started isn't fully doing it's job or users like Deepak Gupta and Dan Pihlaja wouldn't have created supplemental materials to help.


          I'll be looking at the Getting Started, Deepak's and Dan's posts for ideas on how the could perhaps be consolidated and presented better.



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            Elmar Klammer

            Hi John,


            I could reflect using your style ....That would sound like that. Next time read & understand the content before your reply. Now I hope you don't take offense if I copy you. Or I could say that your link addresses some aspect of my request but misses a significant detail. It simply misses the idea of modifying the existing discussion template so that we all can experience common courtesy when we exchange ideas in this forum. A discussion thread that is hidden somewhere where no one looks doesn't help.

            And I would like to see the actual number of times this thread is pulled up compared to the overall postings.

            The idea of this forum I think is to learn, exchange ideas and to do it in a professional and respectful way.

            A discussion form that auto inserts a name and a greeting does that. In particular since most people have either lost or never learned respectful communication. Maybe you find interest in how the human brain functions. The brain doesn't care whether a computer made a message appear to be respectful or whether the author spent the extra time to do that. The message it receives is identical.


            Maybe that explains it a little better.