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trouble getting derived sketches to update

Question asked by Robert Weimer on Jan 16, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2018 by Robert Weimer

Hi all,


I am creating a helical gear, and as such, I am lofting a cutting surface and trying to use 3 sketches to create my profile lines.  So there is 1 sketch with all of the dimensions, and 2 derived sketches that are projected to a plame and rotated to be constrained at a "Pierce Point" from another sketch that creates the helical angle of the gear.  Anyway, it works.  I also have created a design table that has several sizes of helical gears that all have the same pressure and helical angle, but different pitch diameters.  So when I changed between the configurations, I get reconstruction errors that are created by the derived sketches only.  In other words the original sketches for the pressure angle and helical angle will accept and choke down the changes, but the derived sketches will not update correctly.

Then to fix the derived sketches.  I "edit" them, click on the "SketchXpert" and "Diagnose" the situation where it magically comes up and indicates that all is fine, so I hit the green check mark and exit the sketch.  Then the "problems" go away.  I do this for both sketches every time I switch the configuration, or something changes in the original sketch that the derived sketches are created from, or if I change the helical angle sketch that creates the "Pierce Point"s to be constrained to.


It is really starting to wear on me to do this every time so the question is?


I just want it to update seemlessly, so is there a technique that I can use because obviously it doesn't like to use the pierce point constraint right off the bat.