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Using SolidWorks 2015 SP0 with Windows 10

Question asked by Michael Bentfeld on Jan 17, 2018
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Hello Everyone,


I am the IT support for my company's engineering staff, which is currently running SolidWorks 2015 SP0 on custom-build Windows 7 Professional machines.  We are in the process of upgrading our computers, and would like to go to Windows 10 Pro, since Windows 7 will be end-of-life in a couple of years.  Because of licensing restrictions, we are stuck at SolidWorks 2015 SP0.  However, according to the SolidWorks website, it is recommended to use SolidWorks 2015 SP5 at a minimum with Windows 10.  Apparently lower service packs of SolidWorks 2015 can have stability issues when used with Windows 10.  Has anyone actually used (or tried to use) SolidWorks 2015 on Windows 10 with a service pack lower than SP5?  If so, were there any issues in its use?  If so, what issues were encountered?


Thanks in advance,