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MatLab/Solidworks Looking For the Function Surface/Fill

Question asked by Romain Touet on Jan 16, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2018 by Romain Touet

Hi everybody, I am currently working on MatLab-SolidWorks and I found that the code for creating a surface/fill is not working but I really need it. It's working for the extrusion operation, but when I save the macro for the function Surface/Fill, there is nothing.

Look at the picture attached. There is 2 macros:

  • one (macro2) which is working, it is for the function Extrude. On the macro we can see that there is the selection of the sketch but also (in yellow) the code for the function
  • the other one (macro1) is from the surface function. On this macro, there is just the selection of the sketch and I am looking for the function

Is someone has an idea ?

Thank you very much in advance.