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I think that our systems have a problem: can someone confirm

Question asked by Bernard Julien on Feb 2, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2009 by Kelvin Lamport
We seem to have major slowdown with all our workstations lately. To try to troubleshoot, I have been running Anna's Punch tool benchmark. The result of the benchmarks are reasonable ( between 110 and 160 sec depending on the workstation).

But here is my problem. Every time, after the rebuild of the part is complete (ctrl-Q), I have to wait between 30-45 sec. before I can do anything with the software ( for example opening the menu to look at the feature statistics).

I do not remember that it took that long to access the menus before. At most it was a couple seconds (at least I think that what I remember).

Tell me if it is fast or slow for you. I it is fast, then I have a reproducible problem that I can use to continue my troubleshooting.

Thank you

Bernard Julien
CAD advisor
Cirque du Soleil
SW2008 sp5
Workstations vary from Dell 690 32 bits to Dell 7400 64 bits.