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Windows profile preventing PhotoView 360 from working

Question asked by Rick Stockton on Jan 16, 2018

Is there a way to make PhotoView 360 work, apart from creating an entirely new Windows profile?  PhotoView 360 window appears, and then disappears after a split second.  Problem solved by creating a new log in, but creating and moving everything to a new login will take some time.  Everything else is great, but, of course, SolidWorks is struggling to perform.  My VAR Tech Support says that the solution is to create an entirely new Windows Profile / Windows Login, move everything to that, and hope this does not reoccur.   (Or use another rendering tool and abandon PhotoView 360.)

Does anyone know how to "repair" my current Windows login so that PhotoView 360 will work again, so that I do not have to move everything to a new profile?