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Revision Table: Convert Custom Column to Standard Column

Question asked by Matt McCormick on Jan 16, 2018

Revision table columns have six options for values: Zone, Revision, Description, Date, Approved, and Custom. I currently have a number of Custom columns in my revision table, and I want to change them to the other options of Zone, Revision, Description, Date, and Approved. Due to variable mapping issues with the solidworks/pdm 2018 revision block functionality, the columns must be one of those types, and not Custom containing a property; revision information does not push to pdm during check in when using custom properties. My intention is to have an add-in that will automatically change column types as needed when a drawings is opened.


I noticed that you can set the custom property of a Custom column using the RevisionTableAnnotation interface, but I can't find anything on setting a non-Custom column.