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    Visualize sessions @ SWW2018

    Brian Hillner

      Hi Visualizers,


      Our annual event SOLIDWORKS World 2018 is just around the corner! Make sure to login and build your own custom agenda using that link, and add to your calendar for reminders. I thought it would be smart to list all the Visualize-specific sessions and live demos, to make sure you don't miss out on anything. There's so much to see and experience!! (and of course beer to drink )  Look forward to seeing you there!



      Open during Partner Pavilion Hours each day

      SOLIDWORKS R&D Workbench

      Experience SOLIDWORKS Visualize with a guided demo using the new 360-VR cameras in Visualize Pro 2018, seeing how easy it is to create immersive Virtual Reality content. Then pop on a Google Daydream to see the final photo-quality results directly in VR!! We will also showcase a sneak-peek into future Visualize release with direct MDL support, for breath-taking materials and textures like never before! Also see A MAJOR NEW SURPRISE FOR THE VISUALIZE PRODUCT, announced on Main Stage during Day 1. This surprise is seriously game-changing and shouldn't be missed - it will revolutionize how you render!!!


      Several Hardware Partners

      Check out hardware partners' booths for additional Visualize demos, including NVIDIA (with an impressive VR demo!), DELL, HP, Lenovo, BOXX and others.




      Monday Feb 5

      Unlocking the Secrets to Real-Life Renders using SOLIDWORKS Visualize

      10:30a-12:00p | HANDS-ON

      Alen Topic & Scott Ellery


      Introduction to SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard | Basic Features 101

      1:30-2:30p | HANDS-ON

      Brian Muhlbach


      SOLIDWORKS Visualize: What's New in 2018


      Brian Hillner

      Prize giveaway!!


      The Art of the Jaw Drop: Creating SOLIDWORKS Visualize Animations


      Matt Russell


      Tuesday Feb 6

      Introduction to SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional | Advanced Features 201

      10:30a-12:00p | HANDS-ON

      Brian Muhlbach


      Revolutionize Your Design Review with NVIDIA Professional VR & Holodeck (not Visualize specific, but still interesting!)


      David Weinstein from NVIDIA

      Prize giveaway!!


      Making Your Renders POP!


      Sean Belleau & Chris Mowatt


      SOLIDWORKS Visualize Motion and Animation Made Easy with the SOLIDWORKS Mate Controller


      Chris Mowatt


      Wednesday Feb 7

      From CAD to VR (not Visualize specific, but still interesting!)


      Scott Hamilton from DELL


      Visualize for the PV360 User; Ease the Transition


      Rob Rodriguez & Ron Bates