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AutoCAD Electrical - How to add cable markers?

Question asked by Jacob Murray on Jan 15, 2018

So I am a regular Solidworks user and have been asked to do some AutoCAD Electrical work (note, I am not liking the program in the slightest!). I understand Solidworks has nothing to do with AutoCAD Electrical but I thought some people on here may have used it before and could give me some tips. I have asked on many other AutoCAD forums but haven't been able to get responses, and I have found the Solidworks forum to be much more active and helpful.


So here is what I am trying to do. I have a simple line drawing and I have to convert it to an AutoCAD Electrical schematic and then export the cable schedule/report. I have converted the lines to wires, but I think I have to then convert the wires to cables or mark them as such. I have watched countless tutorials now and none of them cover how to do this most basic of tasks.


Has anyone got experience in AutoCAD Electrical who could provide any pointers?