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Dimension orientation and spacing about the 'dimension line'

Discussion created by Sean Weitzel on Jan 15, 2018
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Hello all,


My question is regarding formatting dimensions properly, and also how can these changes be retained for new drawings in the future.

When dimensions are shown between the extension lines, I want them to split or break the dimension line ( as shown in ‘example’ image)


I understand that I need to go to Options>DocumentProp>Dimensions>(LinearDimension?) and change the ‘text position’. Only problem is when I do that, the dimensions that are represent vertical dims will no longer orient towards the horizontal  (see attached image). So when I change to the other setting, my horizontal dims are no longer creating a gap for themselves in the dimension line… Any help regarding this would be greatly appreciated.


Also,  what must I change so that a new drawing does not, by default, show the origin point of each individual component? A minor annoyance but still would like to get that removed by default.


Thank you, I will monitor this thread and provide feedback as often as possible.