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    Issue when printing drawings in Solidworks (Drawing views split apart)

    Jeremy Langdon

      When printing in Solidworks, occasionally one of my drawing views will "break apart" when printing.


      (see attached image)


      Usually this happens in more complex drawings (large fabrications or assemblies, not small, simple details). It also only seems to happen with one of the drawing views in a given drawing. It also doesn't seem to be related to the printer, because I get the same result on several different types of printers we have here.


      Any idea what causes this?

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          Tom Gagnon

          I've experienced similar issues, and learned a different process which succeeds.


          The only thing I now print from within Solidworks is a Current Screen View of an assembly to bring to discuss with shop guys.


          For drawings, I always Save_As an Adobe PDF. Then I print the PDF from native reader.

          Advantages include:

          It doesn't blow up drawing view contents across the page.

          It maintains linetype and lineweight per layer controls. (There was a SPR for this; unknown status)

          It provides a non-updating document which completes a historical record of the design at that rev. Design can continue w/o altering old rev.

          The document is openable, printable, and inspectable by shop users without powerful PCs.

          Drawing's page size is automatically carried into the PDF.

          Adobe Acrobat Pro (or even Reader) has a better Print interface, with responsive preview in same window.