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Displacement not expected

Question asked by Emanuel Frade on Jan 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2018 by Emanuel Frade

Hello! Thanks for your answer to my last question. I know I should ask this to my teacher, I tried but he's not available, I thought you guys could give me a little help


Now, I have a question a bit more....theoretical, I think.


When I look at the displacement of this beam I see 4mm with one fixed geometry fixture.

viga 1.PNG


But, when I put a 2nd beam at the start, perpendicular to the first one with two fixed geometry fixtures in the start and in the end, I get 13mm.

viga 1 e viga 2.PNG

I was expecting the same displacement because the end of the beam is also fixed and the forces aplied are equal, but it's way bigger




My way of studying this is, first I apply analytic methods, then I do the simulations. But this way I can't appl the direct integration of each beam to get the displacement, because its depending on the next beam.


Any suggestion with the steps I should take?