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    Thumbnails don't show me part, assembly and drawing preview

    Marco Lorenzin

      Hello everyone,

      I was having issues viewing part, assembly and drawing previews in Windows 7 File Explorer on "Details" mode. I sourced the forums and asked my reseller technical support, but no one could find an answer for me. I have Solidworks 2017 SP 4.1.

      I have already tried these solutions:

      1) Options --> General --> Show thumbnail graphics in Windows Explorer;

      2) All solutions explained here: https://www.javelin-tech.com/blog/2016/03/solidworks-thumbnail-preview-missing/ EXCEPT for DLL registration.

      I don't want to try DLL registration.

      Any suggestions?

      See attached file to see how thubnails look like now (Windows 7 File Explorer on "Details" mode).

      Best regards.