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Problems with Bill Of Materials regarding dissolving and asterisks.

Question asked by Brian Graves on Jan 12, 2018

I have recurring problems with my BOM's. Most of the time I can simply delete the BOM, add a new one, dissolve where necessary, re-sort, and move on. However, when I'm working on 100+ part weldment assemblies with these BOM problems drive me absolutely bonkers. Here's 2 of these issues in detail

Daily issue #1: I can walk through the BOM, dissolving assemblies and weldments to promote all of the weldment bodies to the top level of the BOM when all of a sudden a weldment or an assembly WILL NOT DISSOLVE. Nope, CTRL+Q and CTRL+B DO NOTHING. I hit save, close solidworks, open it back up, open the drawing, and only then will it dissolve.

Weekly issue #1: I'll find that one of the weldments a level or two down in the assembly is showing asterisks on some of the bubbles in the drawing, but only when the sub assembly that the weldment is inside is selected for the drawing view. When I bubble the individual weldment body at the main assembly drawing view, the bubble is fine. I'll check to be sure nothing is set to "Exclude from BOM" and "display all configurations of the same part as one item" is checked. (Although the weldment nor the sub assembly is a configured part) To fix the problem I will create a second new detailed cut list BOM and carefully dissolve everything so that all of the weldment bodies and parts are at the top level of the BOM and sort by material. I will then attach the offending view to the new BOM. The bubble is now showing the correct part. When I check, both BOM's show the exact same settings and the assemblies and weldments are dissolved in the same way.

Both of these issues could be related to my technique, but I'm convinced they are bugs. The problem is that during my desperation and frustration I cannot find the exact moment where the bubbling turns asterisked, and therefore do not feel I can provide enough information for a bug report to my VAR. All I can do is complain for years. It could be me, I don't know. Please help me find happiness.