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    IClosestDistance issue API

    Nawfel Etteyeb



      I'm having an issue with IClosestDistance which getting called many times to get if 2 bodies are touching.

      When the model is heavy (large geometry),  the call for that method is more frequent, and the issue is it crashes in a certain call whenever the user changes the active view (Rotating model, many clicks, ...).


      I have tried to (snippet from C++ code below) :
      * Disable the user control :  UserControl(VARIANT_FALSE) from ISldWorks

      * Disable the document visibility :DocumentVisible(VARIANT_FALSE) from ISldWorks

      * Disable the Feature Manager : put_EnableFeatureTree(VARIANT_FALSE) from IFeatureManager

      * Disable the graphics update Manager :  put_EnableGraphicsUpdate(VARIANT_FALSE) from IModelView


      I have put all of these together, but did not help in solving the issue.


      Any help to solve this crash will be appreciated.


      Thank you.