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Solidworks 2018 SwDocumentMgr.dll for 32 bit

Question asked by Jess Darres on Jan 12, 2018
Latest reply on May 30, 2018 by Chiara Ottaviani

Recently I installed Solidworks 2018 and updated the SwDocumentMgr license key. I found the SwDocumentMgr.dll only in 64bit, it is not updated in 32 bit.

My application is developed in 32 bit.

I tried to use this SwDocumentMgr.dll (2018) in my c++ application (32-bit), I can able to open 2017 SolidWorks models. but can't able to open 2018 models.

when I debug the code, I got the error in below code,

      SwDmDocumentOpenError error;

      ISwDMDocumentPtr pswDoc(pswDocMgr->GetDocument(szFile, swDmDocumentPart, TRUE, &error) );

After this line, I got the value "6" in error.

swDmDocumentOpenErrorFutureVersion6 = File was created in a version of SOLIDWORKS more recent than the version attempting to open the file

Note: I installed visual c++ redistributable for 2015, registered SwDocumentMgr.dll (C:\Program Files\Common Files\SOLIDWORKS Shared)

and used the 2018 license key.

Can I use this SwDocumentMgr.dll (2018) in my 32-bit application? or anything wrong here?