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Multi User & Multi Location on PDM Standard

Question asked by Johnathan Kearney on Jan 11, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2018 by Johnathan Kearney

My Family, haha

Guys Im in much need here - & URGENTLY PLEASE HELP


I have been asked by one of my clients to get another user to work from their offices 90% of the time. I work from home 90% of the time & my server (data storage with windows 10) is also at home. in the past i used windows sync feature to have a local copy of my work when i went to clients.


How can we both have access to the same storage from different sites. (Keep in mind i have other clients aswell that we both will attend to)


I have not been using PDM for the last couple of years and PDM Standard sounds good at this stage and want to implement it as well now if at all possible. my VAR has said the only way I can do this is via PDM enterprise my problem is it is too costly as this is the only feature i need from enterprise PDM. and for a very small company like myself its just not feasible.


Also products like frame and AWS are affordable, but south africa's infrastructure is not quite what it should be at this stage. my lowest latency was to Germany @ 270m.s so not the answer either.


All options & input will be greatly appreciated.


P.S i am setting up this guy over the weekend but I have no clue what i am going to do at this stage.