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BOM balloons for sub-assemblies on separate sheets

Question asked by John Wayman on Jan 11, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2018 by Ignacio Vital

Good afternoon,

Here's what I am trying to achieve:

I have an assembly, comprising 4 sub-assemblies.

The top-level assembly is shown on sheet 1, as is the Top Level BOM. The BOM shows 4 items, each of which is ballooned on the appropriate view on sheet 1.

Each sub-assembly, plus a couple of other bits and pieces, is shown on a separate sheet of the drawing.

I would like to have a balloon attached to a view of each sub-assembly (one on each sheet) showing the item number in the BOM on sheet 1 of that sub-assembly.

So, for example, sheet 2 would show sub-assembly 1, with a balloon showing item 1, sheet 2 would show sub-assembly 2, with a balloon showing item 2, etc.


My problems are as follows:

I right-click on the view of the sub-assembly and click Properties, link balloon text to specified table - only 1 BOM is shown, so that's good. However, when I auto-balloon the view of sub-assembly 1, Solidworks puts in a single balloon labelled '*'.


Where am I going wrong?

I can't see anything in the help that applies to this specific scenario.

Is it even possible?



SW2016, SP5


Windows 10 Pro