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    Stuck in Hole Wizard

    Martin Murbach

      Hello everyone and thank you for your help.


      I've recently changed my work station, and today this thing happened to me 4 times and is pretty annoying :
      When I'm working in the Hole Wizard, sometimes it becomes grey ( see the picture ).
      SW stays responsive, but I can't exit this function, can't change window, and even can't quit solidworks.
      I'm left with the only option to kill SW process.


      Did this happened to anyone ? ( I changed the language of the computer if that may be a cause ? )


      Thanks !
      sw error.png

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          Glenn Schroeder

          I don't remember anyone here reporting a similar issue, and it hasn't happened to me.  You might need to contact your VAR to see if they can remote in and track it down.

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            Matt Peneguy

            The only explanation I can think of is that maybe some selection filters are turned on.  I had it happen to me and drove me crazy, until I figured out what was going on.  Try pressing F5 and turn the filters off, if that is the problem.

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              John Stoltzfus

              Can you minimize SW and see if there is another dialog box open. that's what it looks like, but it doesn't make sense with Hole Wizard

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                  Matt Peneguy

                  Good point John.  My suggestion may not even be applicable, because I don't see the selection filters toolbar in his picture.

                  I'm thinking now it's either as you suggest, a dialog, or something to do with his Hole Wizard location or it's an installation related issue.  Something like this is very hard to diagnose, and I agree with Glenn, the VAR may be the best route to be able to get to the bottom of this.


                  Martin Murbach be sure to post back if you find the solution.

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                  Steve Calvert

                  Just for grins, when you see this again, do a -windows- tab and toggle thru open windows.  I'm wondering if there's a message open that's hidden.


                  Steve C

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                    Kevin Chandler



                    The green check/red X in the upper right appear to be available (not gray).

                    Doesn't explain anything, but clicking here may get you successfully out of the wizard.





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                      Martin Murbach

                      Hello, thank to all of you for your suggestions.
                      The green check/red X looks available but isn't unfortunately.
                      I'll try to look for a hidden message box or a filter issue today (if) when it happens again.


                      And if I don't find anything, what is a VAR please ?


                      Thanks again,

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                          Matt Peneguy

                          Value Added Reseller.  They are the people you bought SWX from.  If you are on what is called "subscription", you are paying them a yearly fee.  That fee not only covers upgrades, but also what they refer to as "maintenance".  Maintenance includes technical support.  The VAR has a staff of people to help with situations just like these.  They can web session into your computer and trouble shoot it.

                          When I run into something like this, the first thing I do is create a service ticket with the VAR, then I post to the forum.  Sometimes the VAR gets to the bottom of it and sometimes I figure it out through the forum.

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                          Jay Markey

                          This happens to me.  It occurs around the same time my dimensioning tool starts acting screwy as well.  Sometimes I can X out of it.  Just now the arrow and X were grayed out, but when I resized the window (the part/assembly window inside the program, not the whole solidworks window) the X was no longer grayed out, so I was able to close out of it.


                          I have no idea what causes it, but it happens to me as well.