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PDM to Information System...!

Question asked by Mike Adam on Feb 2, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2009 by Mike Adam
My manager asked me to modify PDM Enterprise 2009 to be as Information System for all our data (doc, xls, jpg, wmv....etc) , he wants me to create Data card as information system
lets say I selected a word file inside the vault "quotation.doc"
so in the data card there must be :

name of the company
company type (prospect or customer)
Employee :
address :
Phone :
software : Autocad or SolidWorks...etc

Lets say that I entered the company name, so the address, phone, software and employees who they are inside that company must appear automatically in the data card

I was thinking to make lists, and to control the drop-down list by the value inside the data card but that would be headache whenever we want to add one company or update the information for the company. I don't know in that case if its better to make SQL tables. or normal lists from the pdm administration tools.
and It will be very headache to control the lists by the company name

please take a look at the attachment and then you would understand what i wanted to explain