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    isometric dimensions

    Daniel Abbott

      Is there any straight-forward way to add actual dimensions to an isometric drawing (selecting True instead of Projected doesn't do it). I'm attaching a drawing from an out of print Helsel and Jensen book. I'd like to be able to dimension as shown here. Is there a reasonable way to change the angle of the dimension?

      Thank you.

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          Jeremy Feist


          aside from having to sketch in (in the part file) the extension lines that go around corners, true dims seem to work fine.


          what specific issues are you having?

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            Josh Brady

            You can't really change the angle after the fact.  But rather than doing single-click dimensions, try doing 2-selection dimensions and making sure that one of your selections defines the direction of the dimension lines.


            For example, looking at the 100 dimension at the top of your figure, if you just select the line that is 100 long, you don't have any control over which angle SW picks to pull it.  However, if you select the vertical edge (the one that's 60 long) and then the opposite point, the dimension will pull just as shown.  Similiarly, to get the vertical 60 dimension to go where you want it, select the horizontal line of length 40 and the near top corner.


            As Jeremy stated, there's no built-in way I know of to get SolidWorks to pull that 50 dimension around to the side without adding sketch geometry in the model.

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                Ned Hutchinson

                You can use select other after you select first point to use face to dim to

                select top point

                RMB Select other

                select bottom face



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                    Daniel Abbott

                    Thank you gentlemen for responding so quickly.


                    It's not that I can't get usable dimensions for most features, but I'd like more control over the placement and the plane dimensions appear in. I'd also like to avoid adding reference sketches to the model, and I can't get true dimensions even from reference sketches for some types of dimensions (see illustration "THIS ONE.") I've tried the RMB --> Select Other method Ned suggested, but I'm not getting the 50 as you did.


                    I was hoping that there was some direct way to accomplish this that I had overlooked, but if Josh is correct that the angle can't be changed after the fact, I think what I want is not currently possible.