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Surfacing surfaces have no properties?

Question asked by Nick Harmsen on Jan 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2018 by Jim Steinmeyer

Hey everybody,


I have a need to show a dynamic surface area in a BOM.  What my client is doing right now is manually measuring this area, and then manually typing this in to the BOM.  Everybody knows this is bad.


I need a value generated by only outside surfaces, and there are a few non-joining faces involved, so traditional part geometry isn't going to work in this instance.  So I thought a virtual part in the assembly comprised of only in-context surfaces (offset by zero) would do the trick.  I cleverly created this part, offset the surfaces I needed from the parts in the assembly, and voila, there it was.  I had all the surface area I needed, ready to resize itself with iterations to the assembly.


There is a solidworks property for surface area that I was going to use to drive my BOM value in the screenshot below, but alas...



Do you see those terrible zeros in the "evaluated value" field?  For some frustrating awful reason, surfaces created in the surfacing tab do not register any surface area in the properties.  I can measure my surfaces, but that doesn't give me any kind of output I can use in the BOM, so there is no real advantage here besides making it slightly easier to get the manually measured area, and then manually entering that value in the BOM (which again, everybody knows this is bad).


If anybody has any advice here I would appreciate it.  In order to be useful, I need an output of select faces which can change with the assembly.


Thanks everybody.