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View moves when printing to PDF

Question asked by Nathan Caldwell on Jan 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2018 by Glenn Schroeder

I have a drawing (assembly) that I am trying to print to PDF and when I do one of the views moves on the PDF. Everything appears correct when I do a print preview and I only have the issue after it publishes the PDF and I open it up. The funny thing is all the dimensions, rev clouds, weld symbols, etc. do not move, only the assembly. It's not moved just a little either, the view is supposed to be in the bottom left of the sheet but it moves it so far that you can only see the very top of the view in the extreme bottom left of the sheet, outside of the drawing border/format.


If I do a save as PDF I do not have this issue. I can use that for now as with this particular drawing I do not think there is any noticeable difference in the two methods but in doing a little bit of reading I saw that this could be an issue in some instances so I'd like to try and get an idea of what is going on for future reference.


I have had this issue with various view but right now it is consistently the same view. I am not sure what I changed to make it change which view it moves so I cant really give any information on that.


Just an FYI, I used Pro-e from 2004-2015 and I have only been using Solidworks since October of 2017. I am basically the only person using it here to I am kinda teaching myself and trying not to be that "well in Pro-e it was done this way" guy, so be gentle!! LOL





P.S. If anyone has any good quick reference guides, or really any good information I could use while teaching myself I'd really appreciate it. Obviously I can come here and look at the YouTube channel but if there is anything else you could pass along that would be great.