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    umbrella simulation

    Shlomi Hadar

      My partner and I are designing a more resistant and useful umbrella. We had done a lot of researches about normal umbrellas

      and we found that a normal umbrella has about 24 fragile points. We are trying to reduce the number of fragile points. On solidworks

      we created our model. Our model just includes 8 bending points. We want to close the arms of the umbrella with force to the bending point

      to the pole. Furthermore, we put a magnet on the pole that will hold the arms when it is closed. My question to you is, any idea what type of

      metal can I used for this mechanism?

      Thank you

      Shlomi Hadar

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          Wayne Schafer

          I believe you ask this same question yesterday.  I assume you did not like the responses? Also since you are using a student version I assuming this is an assignment.

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            J. Mather

            Shlomi Hadar wrote:


            We had done a lot of research...

            Before you move to the advanced topic of Simulation - I recommend that you take a basics class on using SolidWorks (or at least go through the built-in Tutorials).


            First thing I notice is that your Sketch1 is not fully defined.

            For some reason you have skewed your polygon?


            Then I notice that none of your sketches are fully defined - this is a topic usually covered in the first 30 minutes of class - weeks or months before moving to analysis topics.


            Then I notice that you have a single part - with a single body, where I would expect from my experience to see a mechanism assembly.


            Has your instructor approved this project?

            Has your instructor provided the instruction that would be necessary to complete the project?

            Can you ask your instructor to join this discussion?

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              James White

              It seems from your mechanism that you need a flexible material. If you dont have problem with retail price , I advice you to use nitinol on your

              mechanism. I will attach a link which you can check the properties of nitinol and also you can check the other alloys.