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PDF Task export all pages except named page

Question asked by Logan Pegler on Jan 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2018 by Logan Pegler

Hi there,


I have slowly been setting up our PDM Professional system and migrating data in. All is going fairly smoothly but I have slowly come up with a list of "nice to haves". One of which is to do with the PDF export.


We currently have an approval transition setup so that when a file is approved, the drawing generates a DXF and a PDF.

All of our drawings have named sheets along the lines of: PROFILE, BENDING, DXF etc. There are about 8 in total for different part/assembly requirements.


The DXF task is working exactly as desired. In the PDM options it allows you to specify to export only sheets with a particular name. So we are able to put in DXF here and it will only output the DXF page from the drawing.


However, as the DXF page often has a part off page, it would be desirable to have the PDF output all pages EXCEPT the DXF page. This is not an option available in the standard interface.

I understand that these tasks can be modified through the "Advanced Scripting Options" in the task dialog and have done so to get the revision output on the name how we wish. Is it also possible to use this to achieve the export of all pages except the DXF page for our PDF export task? And if so how?


I'm also open to any other methods we could use to achieve this? I would like to stay away from having to create multiple drawings of the same part/assembly to achieve this.


Kind Regards