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Length Not Showing in BOM - Strange because Width and Thickness are!

Question asked by Rob Edwards on Jan 10, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2019 by Rob Edwards

Here's the scenario


1    I have a multibody weldment part

Insert Feature > Save Bodies

Create New Assembly of similar bodies

Transfer Cut List Properties to Model Properties Checked

RESULT - Good  Everything works as expected


2     Make Some New Assemblies and Subs using the Parts created to mimic production process - Good


3     Rebuild Main Assembly using the Assemblies I just created - Good


4     Make Drawings - All Good


except for this annoyance when I get to put my Table in...



What Strange is the other two pertinent properties (Width and Thickness ) also both transferred from the cutlist populate just fine.

(You can't see them directly, because they are hidden, but the columns L , W and T pick up either a cutlist property created by a structural member or by a bounding box and they are working just fine as you can see)


The length property is resolved in the part OK   


Cutlists always do my head in.  Especially as the shop is waiting for this one.  Any ideas anyone?