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Solidworks PDM Pro - two workstations and one vault PC

Question asked by Grega Jerin on Jan 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2018 by Grega Jerin

We are curentlly in the process of implementation of Solidworks PDM Pro and I have some IT questions.

We have two workstations (both HP Z420) each with one licence of SW. One has SW Pro and the other SW Stand. Because we are not a large engineering company we decided and checked with our VAR that it is also good if we use one older workstation (Thinkstation S20) as a "server" machine. It will have a 2 x 1 TB disk in RAID 1 configuration.

All three will be using Windows 7 64 bit. They will be linked via 10/100/1000 Linksys SE2800 switch.

My question is: What do we need to set up from IT point of view (ports, firewall setings, etc.) on all three computers so our VAR can then install SW PDM Pro on "server" PC and clients on both workstations?