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Suddenly my assembly changed into red appearance ?

Question asked by Hardik Patel on Jan 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2018 by Kelvin Lamport

Hello everyone,


Seems like very odd but unique issue. I have a large assembly with almost all parts are from step file or parasolid file formate. I just open the assembly and started working on it straight away, some where in the middle the entire assembly turns into red. Please see the attached photo for this. Next time when I will open this assembly it just shows normal appearances. This happens frequently, like 10-12 times a day atleast. I have a powerful system. Intel xeon with 32 GB ram with graphics card.


I have tried almost all possible ways to solve this. The list is as follow:

  •      I had applied appearance to all parts and sub-assembly and even in main assembly, but it will be still red.
  • I had applied material so that the material colour might do the trick, but no help.
  • I had reset my option to default and reset colour tab to default, but no luck.
  • Also I tried to sett all files to resolved from light weight, but again no help from this option as well.


Anybody out there have any solution for this ?


Hardik =]