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Re: Can I print in one file from individually slddrw ? following pages numbering !

Discussion created by Dan Aninaru on Jan 5, 2018
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Mr. Kevin welcome, I'm back, first of all thank you be patient with my request

Question 1 - Regarding context "A": ( I was a bit confuse with my original explanation, I apologize)

Starting from individually slddrw files and getting print in one (pdf or Sldwrk)

The drawing sheets are saved in one folder each individually (sheet  and drawing 1/1 numbered pages) so they are not multiple sheets in one slddrw starting from 1/25..2/25...3/25 ...25/25. but like 1/1, 1/1 , 1/1... like this 25 times in 25 files. The Question 1 in context  A, was, if I could ?

a. (via pdf) to print all of these (selected files in folder) in one pdf file having the pages sequences increased  page 1/25, page 2/25, page 3/25, ......page 25/25. (that doesn't work finally)

b. (via Solidworks) printing all stuff (selected files in folder) and going out to the printer (still keeping the pages order for sure). In both cases a and b, the first file 1/1 page become 1/25, the second files 1/1 become 2/25 the 3d file 1/1 become 3/25 and the last 1/1 become 25/25.

And if this is done automatically (following pages) answer to your question: How you maintain the sheet numbers and total sheet counts? is exactly Solidworks task's, not me following pages numbers by hand. Most of the time, like everybody, I use printing in pdf, but I was not sure if it where another way.That was the reason of question A and not the only one, you'll see below.


The reason of this question came when  I was trying to link dimensions from the part to the drawing and this for all 25 multiple sheets in one slddrw file, as shown in my first picture  I send. (Remember the clear and rough dimensions, having 3/4 inches  gap between). Now, to be more focused on, what I want is to look this time to the new picture below instead, which is similar (don't focuse for now on productions or stock drawing etc, but only to the fields concerning the clear dimensions (nette in french, finale on this picture)




Question 2 - Regarding context "B": (multiple sheets, the most popular)

Starting for multiple sheet and have multiple sheet in one pdf file or slddrw file (now is less attractive)

For me is to avoid having lot of sheets in one drawing sheets (only because the numbering is " live and easy") and get rid off too "long"files. (My sheets are clean not crossing references, no leads to fabrication problem). Probably I do not have choice and keep this "multiple sheets printing" like everybody.


To answer to you at your question: How are you linking the drawing table to the dimensions shown in your image?

Is the text in the table linked to part properties?

Or is the table text linked to the dimensions?

I could say, I have first  built LENGTH WIDTH THK in Summary info custom tab and linked to the part. After (in slddrw)  I have clicked again on text fields to get them linked from model via Summary info custom tab (or in the direct in model dimensions if it was open)

Continuing answering to you:

Why are the red dimensions different than the red table dimensions? in the previous post, the old picture I wanted to show you the concordance I just have explained above. Sumarry info column tab is related to the clear dimensions passing by 2 ways in drawing its self clicking dimensions or opening the part and clicking dimensions in model I have just created.

Continuing answering to you:

The thickness is correct, but the overall width and height aren't correct, so what is the table linked to?

one of them was manually so is a mistake, now is ok, looking at this last example more simple in our goal, for now


Finally, no more Question 2 (everybodies does), but look again on my reasons why I prefer alternative 1 (everybody don't !)

Are my reasons not strong enough ? How experts do this, when they have 100 drawings in one slddrw sheet (multiple sheet context) how they find this ? I hope now, coming back, the explanations are better, so at least you have more ideea on what I wanted to reveal with my discussion.

(I will open a new discusion with a specific template refers to the multiple sheets sdldrw context, doing the job each time you insert a new sheet, to be already completed with dimensions value and to be warned to make selection of this related template before)


Thank again reading this

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