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XML/XSL preview window viewing issue

Question asked by Daniel Haines on Jan 8, 2018

Hi All,


I am experimenting with XML/XSL and datacard driven checklists as documented on the forums by talented forum members and seem to be having some success, but I have an issue.


My issue is that with the xml and the xsl checked into the vault, the preview of the xml with the format from the xsl does not show in the preview tab in windows explorer. 


However, if I select view file from the RMB, the XML displays formatted.   Also if i use my text editor to open the xml, the embedded PDM preview window in the open dialog box also shows it correctly.  Thus I believe that the code is written correctly and the form is working (receives data from the datacard ok etc)


the preview window in windows explorer shows the XSL file correct as well.


any ideas on what the issue might be?