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How does SW determine Units for the Copy to Adobe Illustrator function?

Question asked by Michael Baycura on Jan 8, 2018

I'm having trouble figuring out how SW determines the units used when using "copy to Adobe Illustrator". I don't have illustrator so I'm using Inkscape to open the .AI files that are created which i realize may be a factor.

My process for creating an SVG file from a SW feature:

  •      Create sketch in SW
  •      select sketch from model tree
  •      Go to edit-copy to adobe Illustrator
  •      go to my desktop, right-click paste .ai temp file
  •      open this .ai file using Inkscape (I check the "internal Import" option as the "Poppler/Cairo import" tends to either show nothing or only part of the exported sketch)
  •      When the file opens in Inkscape the features are all off by an odd factor of about 6.534 from the mm dimensions in SW


I realize the inkscape document settings might be coming into play here which is why i'm trying to understand what it should be from an SW standpoint. From what i can tell all of the unit conversions are done by the time the file opens in Inkscape as subsequent changes to the document unit properties and scale only change the canvas and display units, not the actual path values used by the drawing. So i can sort of get back to the right units by scaling the whole drawing after import into Inkscape, but this has rounding errors of significance and can be tedious on complex conversions to get all the path dimensions exact. If i can find a way to get a more direct conversion so "mm" in SW stay as "mm" when copied to a vector output that would be ideal.