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Mating 2 cyilnders perpendicular to each other causes errors/fails. I was able to do this in SW 2005, but fails in 2016-2018. Verified by VAR

Question asked by Greg Mitchell on Jan 8, 2018
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Hello all.

I worked as a SW designer from 2003 - 2013. During that time, I often designed frames and guarding consisting of extruded aluminum. Most of the material was from Maytec in Germany, but these days there are nearly a dozen worldwide suppliers of similar products. Maytec specifically recommended and endorsed what they called a "Standard Connector" or "Universal Connector". This part consists of a round, mushroom shaped shaft that fits into a larger cylinder at a perpendicular angle. There is a threaded fastener fit into the larger cylinder. This fastener tightens into a cammed groove that tightens the "mushroom" against 2 faces, forming a strong but adjustable connection. Anyone who has used aluminum extrusion in solidworks will have seen this component.


Here is my issue. As shown in the image, installing the connector should require only 2 mates. One for the shaft to the centerline of the extrusion, the other to the machined counter-bore at a right-angle. In earlier versions of Solidworks I was able to create a smart component that dramatically decreased the time required to add these components. Now, using SW 2016, I cannot even create the 2 required mates. The first mate, centerline to shaft, works. The second mate, Cylinder to C-bore fails.


The error is defined as an angular mismatch if the Cylinder is not perfectly parallel with the c-bore. If they are already parallel, the error appears as a distance problem. Our VAR has reproduced this issue in 2016 sp05, 2017 sp05, and 2018 sp01 EV. They cannot go back any further than that. I can say for certain that this issue did not exist in 2006. Our VAR has also indicated that SPR 742983 appears to address this issue, but they have no indication that SW has any plans to resolve it. I am writing in the hopes that bringing attention to the issue will help see it resolved. I am also looking for verification from others that they see the same issue. Maybe someone has already found a fix.


Thank you.

Greg Mitchell

Mechanical Designer

Axccellus LLC