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    Sheet Number to

    Carlos Cardero

      Hi there!!!

      How can I make the sheet number appear into the BOM to corresponding parts ?

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          Alex Burnett

          You'll have to provide more information for people to answer your question.


          - What is happening that you don't like?

          - How would you prefer it to happen?

          - Can you provide an example of what you want? (attache pictures, model files, etc.)

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            Carlos Cardero

            The point is that I have a multibody drawing, with sequence sheet number. I want to link this sheet number into the row of the parts in BOM so every parts comes with it's page number on it.

            I don't  want to put it manually. I want this page number appear into the properties of the parts and so into the BOM.

            In other words, I want the toolmaker can fine the drawing of the parts by it's page number after read it on BOM.

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                Elmar Klammer

                Hi Carlos,


                It's better to do it the other way around. We add mark numbers for the members that link to the file name. I.e. file name is xxx-yyy and the cutlist folder is named 01 then we add a MarkNo like "xxx-yyy #01"  That way you always now what weldment part holds the member and if i rename the part itself it will populate to the cutlist property. When we create body drawings with a single body per drawing sheet we simply name the sheet "#01" and have a title block that links to the body using the link $PRPWELD: function. The sheets are API renamed to the cut list property of the body referenced in the sheet property. The mark number is also added to the cutlist with a macro.

                When you export the sheets to PDF & single sheets then you get the following pdf file name "xxx-yyy #01.pdf"


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                Christian Chu

                check this out

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                  Carlos Cardero

                  I have already the algorithm for name. I can't change the name actually.  If it not simple I will be force to write into the properties of the part and associate some name as " Page no".

                  Thank you any way for your helping.