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SW 2009 a BIG disappointment

Question asked by Chad Leman on Jan 31, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2009 by Gary Garrison
Like many other disallusioned SW 2009 installers on this forum, we made the mistake of installing SW 2009 on our 4 design workstations. We thought we learned our lesson in waiting for SP 2.0 (like we didn't do in 2008) but I would gladly take 2008 SP 2.0 over this one! Our next lesson is read the forums before installing any new version!

After all the hype about improved performance and reduced crashes, faster drawings and 2009 being the year for "focus on stability" we couldn't wait to install 2009. We have also experienced the hanging, the incredible sloooooowwww performance, and the numerous crashes. Fortuneately for us we are using PDM so this allows us to uninstall 2009 and go back to 2008 SP 5.0, and then roll any converted files back to 2008. We also went through the VAR suggestions for video drivers and antivirus being turned off, but we have to face the fact that 2009 is simply not workable. I have one assembly that I tried to open 3 times in vain. After 8 minutes of cranking the processor, SW just crashed - three times. 2008 would have it open in under 3 minutes no problem.

Speaking of processors, we are running Intel Core II extreme and Intel Xeon processors at around 3 GHz. Vid cards are Nvidea 3500, 4500, and two 5500s. XP 32 bit. 4 GB Ram.

My perception is that SW is going the way of bloatware, trying to snag the additional 20% of the market while ignoring the 80% of us who just want to get our work done. How many of us actually use Instant 3D, TolAnalyst, RealView Graphics, SWIFT, and on and on??? Sure, some of these "features" can be turned off, but some can't like Virtual Parts - which cause us 25% of our crashing problems. The other good point that has been made on this forum is this: How many of the users who just love 2009 are using 1000+ part assemblies?

I would like to hear suggestions from any user running large (1000+) assemblies with Toolbox (wish I had never heard of Toolbox) parts who has been successful with 2009. Do we look at 64bit OS???

Here's another thought: Maybe if we started voting with our dollars by turning down the subscription service SW would start hearing the 80% of us just trying to get the work done. Sure we would have to save up that $1500 to re-subscribe at some future point, but honestly how many features since 2007 can't you get along without??? Just a thought.