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KVM Extender

Question asked by Robert Chivers on Jan 31, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2009 by Robert Chivers
Has anyone tried to set up a KVM extender to their workstation.

My problem is that myself and 4 others work in an open plan office. The noise levels make it almost impossible to concentrate!!!. As a possible solution were looking into having a 'quiet room' that we can work in when ever we need to get our heads down and concentrate.

The idea is to have a desks with keyboards, mice and monitors and link these back to the workstations in the main office (35 meters away). Thin client and remote access won't work as they can't cope with the graphic speeds.

We recently tried a KVM extender unit, which worked great!!. The problems is that you can't use a SpaceExplorer with these systems. Well you can't with an Belkin Omni view system anyway.

Has anybody else tried to set up something like this?. Otherwise I'm mounting wheels on the Workstations!!