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Display styles not showing correctly

Question asked by Joseph Caswell on Jan 7, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2018 by Joseph Caswell

Myself and others in my company are having a very frustrating issue with display styles not showing properly in SolidWorks Drawings, espically not when we try to save to PDF.


We have been creating drawings between 10 and 60 pages long for many years and we only started having this issue towards the end of October, and initially if we just restarted SolidWorks it would resolve itself, but now nothing seems to fix it. We are currently having to screen grab drawings to release anything.


Each sheet in the drawing has multiple views, generally one or two views of an assembly, and then several views of parts within that assembly; or multiple views of a weldment, with multiple views selecting bodies within the weldment.


The issue is that the display style shows differently than what is selected. For example, for a view that is supposed to be shaded with edges might show up as any of the other views, or even shaded with hidden lines visible (which I didn't even know that was display style). For a view that is supposed to be Hidden lines removed, it will leave centermarks, centerlines, notes, dimensions, etc, visible, but the actual part edges are removed so the part disappears. Sometimes it will even have the top half of the view as a different display style than the bottom half. The most bizarre thing that happens is changing the display style in one view will very rarely change the display style shown for a different view altogether, or add hidden items to the Bill of Materials on that page.


This is not effecting a single file, nor single package in particular, but rather almost any drawing package we have made since October (around 40 GB of different files). IT is also not effecting a single computer, but drawing packages created by 2 of our 8 computers with SolidWorks.


Here is when the display styles show incorrectly:

     Viewing a SolidWorks Drawing in SolidWorks after saving

     Viewing a SolidWorks Drawing as read only in SolidWorks

     Viewing a SolidWorks Drawing in eDrawings

     Viewing a eDrawings Drawing in eDrawings

     PDF's created through the Save As PDF command in SolidWorks

     PNG's (and all other image formats) created through the Save As command

     PDF's created through Print to Microsoft PDF in SolidWorks

     PDF's created through Print to Microsoft PDF in eDrawings

     Physical paper printed on by the Print command


Here are the steps we have taken to try to resolve it:

     Rebuild sheet

     Redraw sheet

     Force Rebuild sheet

     Cycle back and forth between different display styles

     Have RealView on, or Off

     Restart Computer (then try rebuilding, etc.)

     Unplug one monitor

     Replace both monitos with different brand

     Replace both monitors with 1K resolution instead of 2K

     Replace both monitors with 4K resolution instead of 2K

     Trying practically every setting in Performance or Image Quality (then restart SW, rebuild, etc)

     Open file referenced in view, rebuild that document, then rebuild sheet

     Uninstall graphics driver recommended by Nvidia and install graphics drive recommended by SolidWorks (then reboot, rebuild)

     Run SolidWorks in Safe mode, then rebuild, etc.

     Run SolidWorks in OpenGL mode, then rebuild, etc.

     Completely reinstall SolidWorks

     Wipe harddrive, reinstall windows, and SolidWorks

     Swapping out Quadro graphics card for GEFORCE

     Upgrading from SP 4.1 to SP 5.0

     Recreate all parts, assemblies, and drawings in OpenGL mode

     Saving each sheet as a separate PDF

     Saving each sheet as a separate drawing, then saving to PDF

     Open the drawing package on a computer not effected by the bug

           The drawing packages created on these 2 computers will not display correctly on other computers Including

               A computer that has the exact specs as the 2 effected

               A computer that has identical specs, but is running Windows 7 instead of Windows 10

               A computer that has an Intel Graphics card instead of Nvidia

               A computer running SolidWorks 2018



Here are the specs of the two computers:

     Windows 10 Pro

     SolidWorks 2017 Premium SP 4.1

     Intel i7-4770

     32 GB of RAM

     Nvdiai Quardo M4000



Any help you can provide would be great as we are at our wit's end with this issue.