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    converted silouette edge problem

    John Kreutzberger
      I have been on sp2 for a week. Today I have started seeing odd things with converted silouette edges. I will convert one in a new sketch-then trim it to another line and all of a sudden it jumps to the opposite side of the part. I also saw this happen after I had (I thought) forced it to stay in place and then it jumped anyway when I closed the sketch. The part I am converting edges from is a native SW part, so imported geometry is not an issue.

      My var is very resistant to confirming bugs, so I am hoping that I don't need to deal with them. Has anybody else gotten an spr on this one?
        • converted silouette edge problem
          Dale Dunn
          No SPR, but I've been seeing this occasionally ever since they added the ability to directly reference silhouette edges and vertices (2003? 2001+?). These relations just go dangling a lot too. Anyhow, the workarounds vary. Sometimes underlying sketch geometry is handy, so I use that. In other cases, I can move some sketch geometry into a convenient location, or I have to make some construction geometry. Anyhow, it's because of this unstable behavior that I shy away from silhouette relations unless the geometry is very stable. I got tired of going back to repair it every other rebuild.