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Time to Vote on the Future of SOLIDWORKS!

Question asked by Alin Vargatu on Jan 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2018 by Jim Wilkinson

Just a quick heads up, if anyone is having difficulties to vote it could be because you are required to first vote on how the R&D resources should be allocated. Use this link for that:

After that no one should have difficulties voting.


These are my suggestions (actually most of them are my customers' suggestions, picked while brainstorming during advanced custom training courses). If you believe you would benefit from these enhancements, please vote on them. Equally important, please comment why you voted up or down on each idea.


Option for "Offset Surface" to offset all possible faces


Allow equations (including if/then statements) in defining custom properties


Add option to limit the Coincident Mate to the area of the face that is selected, for all types of faces


Add ability to project any type of entity (Face, Component(s), Body, Bodies on a Plane or a Surface, like we can do now with edges


BOM driven by Display States (get a list of all components visible in a drawing view)


Allow features to be edited from inside the Comments folder


Unbend any profile (tube, pipe, bent component) similar to the Sheet Metal Functionality


Enhance the Cut-List Table functionality to match a BOM Table functionality


Show BOM dependency to an assembly


Make the Selection Sets functionality consistent and expand it


Make patterns consistent across the board


Ability to automatically drive the colour of BOM rows, or change row font, based on custom properties or other user controlled criteria


New mate: Volume or Boundary Mate


New Mates: Distance Mate and Limit Mate between Components


Tool to quickly identify fillets on imported geometry


Allow features to be edited from inside the Comments folder


Allow equations in sensors


Also like these ones:


"Show Feature Dimensions" for Individual Features


Mates - Line Segment and Partial Circle Sketch Mates -


Import SolidWorks files of futur version into and older one with 3D interconnect.


Update Bounding Box of part from top assembly


Performance verses Image Quality and modern computers


Ability to assign a shortcut key or add a toolbar to every action in SolidWorks. Clean up the interface


Area of Shaded Sketch Contour


Model property to exclude from bill of materials


Ability to isolate a sketch


Ablity to view File Properties in eDrawings


Custom Mate in Motion Studies


Feature Recognition should use the "old" face ID


Up to Reference for Component Pattern in Assembly


"Background" Resolve option for Lightweight components


Improve Sketch Picture Menu


Add a "Selection Rule" to filter objects


Get the EPDM informations / properties into the assembly visualization window (checked out by, state, ...)


Graphical component preview during replace components


The coordinate systems of assemblies should have different color / form than of parts


Enhance Cavity command to Boolean subtract their Negative/False Body


Ability to replace all components in the current assembly only


Profile center mate: Allow to mate a line or point with the profile center


Coatings Feature


Ability to edit global variables direct from FeatureManager Design Tree


The ability to modify Global Variables without opening the Equation manager


Ability to use orientation of hole wizard holes in a pattern driven component pattern


Enhanced change documentation / history tracking in drawings


Ability to pass over construction lines when using the cut command in sketches


allow patterning (linear, circular, etc.) of Curves


Undo/Redo - Un-Limited/Un-Restricted


Make the user interface for the SR SPR and ER system User Friendly


Ability to select an existing sketch (containing points) to specify Hole Wizard hole positions


Add Bend Feature for Structural Members in Weldments