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SW MBD - Automation of 3D PDF Publishing

Question asked by Jared Kirsch on Jan 5, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2018 by Ajay Kumar Ranganathan

I have recently been experimenting with SolidWorks MBD, in particular, the 3D PDF publishing functionality. One our company goals in using SolidWorks MBD is to automate the publishing of 3D PDF's as much as possible. I have a couple of questions related to this desire:


1. Is it possible to assign a specific 3D PDF template to a model automatically based on the client it was made for and whether is is a part or an assembly?


2. It seems odd that one can change the relation of stated to actual custom properties in the second "pane" of the "Publish to 3D PDF" property manager. For example, if I created a custom property placeholder on a 3D PDF template, named the property "Number" and assigned it to the custom property "Number," I could then change that placeholder to refer to the custom property "Engineer" when I selected the edit button in the property manager. Is there a way to lock the custom properties that the custom property placeholders in the templates refer to so that accidental edits don't correlate an unrelated property to a placeholder?


Thank you.