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New Computer Specs

Question asked by Neil Macdonald on Jan 30, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2009 by Gary Garrison
Ok so two new computers are coming to our office and I'm just wondering what you guys think about the specs that they gave us. Also they are going to up the ram to 8 gig.

PWS T3400 525W (64bit)
Inteltm Core®2 Quad Q6600 (2.40GHz/1066MHz/2X4MB L2) 525W

Operating System
Genuine Windows Vista® Business 64 Edition Downgrade, XP 64 Installed

Chassis Configuration and 1394
Mini-Tower Chassis Configuration

1GB, 800MHz, DDR2 SDRAM Memory, ECC (2 DIMMS)

USB Entry Quietkey, No Hot Keys

No Monitor

Graphic Cards
512MB PCIe x16 nVidia Quadro FX1700, Dual Monitor DVI Capable

Boot Hard Drive
73GB, 3.0Gb/s, SAS, 3.5 inch, 15K RPM Hard Drive

Hard Drive Configuration
C12, ALL SAS, NO RAID for 1 Hard Drive

Floppy Drive and Media Card Reader Options
Internal USB Media Card Reader 19:1

Dell USB 5-Button Premium Optical Mouse

CD-ROM, DVD, and Read-Write Devices
16X DVD+/-RW w/ Cyberlink PowerDVDtm and Roxio Creatortm Dell Ed

Internal Chassis Speaker

Resource DVD/CD
Resource CD and DVD contains Diagnostics and Driver for Dell Precision Syst

Hard Drive Controller Option
Dell SAS 6/iR Controller with RAID 0 or 1