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Pressure drop too low?

Question asked by Phillip Laplante on Jan 5, 2018
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I have been working with a basic gas turbine engine (ignoring the fuel for now) and added these orifice plates around the flame can, to help even out the flow.  However, these plates should create a huge pressure drop (~2psi) that doesn't seem to be showing up.  Instead Solidworks tells me the pressure drop is .1psi.

I have an inlet mass flow of 2.75lb/s, an enviromental pressure on the bottom outlet of 54lbf/in^2 and a bleed port on the left side with an outlet mass flow of .6875lb/s.  The rest of the settings are by default (laminar and turbulent, air, gravity, adiabadic wall, zero wall roughness, etc).  The mesh was set to automatic 7, giving me 1.6million cells and took 2 hours to run.


Dropbox link to files *Project(9) is the one displayed below: Dropbox - Flame Can


Is this pressure drop accurate or is there something wrong with the simulation (boundary conditions, mesh, etc)?

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