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BOM for part files

Question asked by Paul Robertson on Jan 5, 2018
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For some basic design work, I like to import a part within a part instead of creating a separate assembly file. For example, I am making a simple aluminum block that requires one screw. Instead of designing the block and then creating an assembly file with the block and screw, I simply import the screw part into the block part to check sizing, etc....and done.


Question: this works fine for me except with making a BOM in the drawing. With all the BOM options, I would think there is some way to create a BOM of all the separate BODIES in a part file, since the imported screw comes in as a separate body. The same thing would apply if one does not import a second part, but rather designs a couple of "separate bodies" in one part file (e.g. click off the merge toggle when extruding....etc). It seems these bodies could be made into a BOM.


Anyone have some ideas?