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BOM - How to view a sub-assy QTY and total Part QTY simultaneously

Question asked by Scott Baugh on Jan 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2018 by Josh Brady

I am trying to make a BOM so items can get ordered. I have some purchased components that are a sub-assembly inside of another sub-assembly. Lets call that purchased sub-assembly "Latch". The parts that exist within that "Latch" sub-assembly are set to be excluded from the BOM, however the  "Latch "assembly is not.


At the main assembly I want to list everything including all sub-assembly such as the "Latch" and all the pieces and parts. I also want them all calculated into one total number. For example, if I have 12 No. 6 washers in one sub assembly and 4 in different sub assembly, I want the BOM to show a total of 16 No. 6 Washers.


I have been unable to get everything to show up like described above. If I do a parts only, none of my sub-assemblies show up, but all my pieces and parts are all one QTY. To get my subs "Latch" to show up I have to use the Indented BOM, however when I do that I lose the total QTY of all my pieces and parts.


How can SW view everything and get an accurate QTY of everything? I always thought SW would give an accurate BOM, but this seems to be a lot hard than it should be. What am I missing?


I know I could show this at the sub-assembly level, but I would rather not sift through hundreds of drawings to and manually calculate the QTY of everything.