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Macro preforms different on different machines

Question asked by Jim Steinmeyer on Jan 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2018 by Jim Steinmeyer

We have a macro that was set up to save the flat pattern sheet on our part drawings as a dxf file and one user is having problems. Our part drawing template  creates a second sheet that is blank and set to 1:1 scale. When making drawings we place the part flat pattern on this sheet and hide any bend lines or annotations. We then save that sheet as a dxf to a plasma file on the server. One of the former designers here created a macro that will save the dxf for us and place it in the correct folder. Several of us have used this macro for years with no problems. My supervisor had been having some of his dxfs not being correct so about a month ago I set the macro up on his machine and things were working fine. As a couple of days ago things went south. The macro now saves the first sheet with the format and dimensions on it as the dxf.

     We tested this and with the same drawing he would open it from the server and run the macro getting the first, fully annotated sheet saved every time. Then I would open the same drawing, run the same macro and get the correct flat pattern sheet saved, every time. I then went and removed the macro from his tool bar and reinstalled it to make sure the correct macro was being run, only to have the same problem. And yet it works correctly on my machine, every time. I have tried with different drawings too make sure it wasn't related to a certain drawing. Same results. The macro, the drawings and the dxf folder are all stored on the same server so I don't see that he would be having issues with different files or paths. In typing this I just thought, maybe I should have shut SW down after removing the macro or maybe shut the whole machine down to see if clearing memory would help. Does anyone have any other suggestions where the problem might be?


The macro is attached.