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Feature recognized files not behaving nicely

Discussion created by Jason Warnke on Jan 5, 2018
Latest reply on May 16, 2018 by Jason Warnke

Has anyone else had issues with feature recognized files?


I've seen this issue in our company.  A few guys run NX here.  They will translate the .prt files from NX into steps, then open them up in SW as dumb-solids, use feature recognition on each part and go about rebuilding an assembly that way.



Seems there are often issues that result from doing this though (lots of repeated crashing and such - especially when you get to the assembly level).


We did notice that it made a difference running 2017 SP1.0 or higher (most of us run SP3.0 or 5.0).  A coworker was just having this issue - he was running 2017 SP0.0 and his comp crashed a lot with the converted assembly.  I did the same action with the same file on my comp (running SP3.0) and no crash.  Everything seemed ok.


I just wondered if it is generally not the best idea to use feature recognition on converted dumb-solids (better to redraw from scratch?)?