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Visualize Boost switch off CPU utilisation

Question asked by Helge Feddersen on Jan 5, 2018

Hi All,

as i have been using Boost for quite a while i only now noticed that Boost is also pushing the CPU to 100% when doing renders.

As i have 2 1080Ti installed in the system the benifit is but a 1 second improvement vs doing a GPU only render of the same image


Camaro, at 1000 passes, 1920x1080

2 x 1080Ti: 81Sec local render GPU only

2 x 1080Ti + CPU: 80Sec via Boost

Power Boost also pushes the CPU to 100%


the donwside to this: the Wattage used is 500Watts vs 680Watts

Is it possible to switch off the CPU for rendering?





PS hope you all have a great new year!