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epdm api (vba): Search for text in multiple variables

Question asked by Jens Zeumer on Jan 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2018 by Michael Dekoning

Hello everybody and a happy new year to you!


I'm currently working on a project for classifying our SolidWorks models. We will have up to 3 different classification strings possible for each file. My challenge with creating a pdm search at this very moment is that I cannot know, in which variable the search string is written.


As an example:


3 Classification strings possible


model: custom property as string: "Classification1", "Classification2" and "Classification3"

PDM: variables "Classification1" to "...3" refering to the corresponding custom property


The search string "Test" could be in any of the 3 custom properties/ variables.


In the PDM search tool I would realise it this way:




Now I'm searching for the "or"-connector in the API.


The code currently looks like this:


Set eSearch = eVault.CreateSearch


eSearch.AddVariable "Klassifizierung1", "Test"

eSearch.AddVariable "Klassifizierung2", "Test"

eSearch.AddVariable "Klassifizierung3", "Test"


Set eResult = eSearch.GetFirstResult


Do While Not eResult Is Nothing



But the variables are linked with an "and".


The only way I can think of solving this problem at the moment is to run 2 consecutive searches and merging the results afterwards. I can't believe there is no easier way to accomplish this.


Any help is welcome.


Thanks, Jens