Dan Aninaru

How to be prompted by a specific template, before inserting a new part ?

Discussion created by Dan Aninaru on Jan 5, 2018

Hello everybody,


When insert a New part, always in-context assembly, where and how to set a specific part template (let say having dimensions allways in fractions as an example or having both in decimals metric and imperial). Also each time when I insert a new part I have to be prompted before to select the right specific template and not to be taken by the default system. (Also, when I do this I'm working in sldasm file so I do not start a new file making choice of the template I want). 


The goal is to capture, once the parts come already, with the setup of dimensions I want, and do not have to pass each part doing this setup (units measurments) for each one to get finally into a BOM table.


Where exactly in system option (have I put or not the check mark doing this ?). Bellow You have two susceptible capture sceen from SW2012, but I do not see where to put the right checkmark?




Look like the right  picture is not applicable in our case, what about the first one ? or I'm at the wrong place again ?


Thank all