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EPDM API - LoginAuto Does Not Work

Question asked by Trevor Holloway on Jan 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2018 by Trevor Holloway

Hello all,

I have the following code written to try to log in to our EPDM Vault, but it gives "Run-time error '-2147220750 (800402f2)': Method 'LoginAuto' of object 'IEdmVault18' failed" on line 3.  Any ideas why this happens?  I have attached a screenshot of the references I have selected.  This is an Excel VBA macro.


Dim vault As EdmVault5
Set vault = New EdmVault5
vault.LoginAuto "Eng_Vault", 0


I tried changing line 3 to


vault.login "username", "password", "Eng_Vault"


but it gives an error that says "method 'login' of object 'IEdmVault18' failed".  I'm at a loss; the same error happens regardless of whether I'm logged in to the vault or not. Any help is appreciated.